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‘Candid Geese’ pic by Gerardo Korn at the ‘To Seek is to Find!’ exhibition presented by Cosmic Heart Gallery

An ode to mother nature, a unique virtual photography exhibition, ‘To Seek is to Find!’ presented by Cosmic Heart Gallery, puts forth Argentine artist Gerardo Korn’s work done during the pandemic. The works let viewers absorb nature at its purest form, while hinting at all that can be achieved if nature is given a pause … little breathing room to thrive and rejuvenate itself again.

These works stimulate a person’s perspective on the inter-dependency and co-existence between nature and the people and witness the empirical truth of life itself.

This exhibition is a result of a collaboration between Cosmic Heart Gallery, BPW International, BPW South Mumbai, Consulate of Argentina in Mumbai and Africa Business Council and the conscious artist Gerardo Korn, who have enabled this show to reach the people of this world in a way that is thought-provoking and intimate.

A key initiative of the show is to focus on the smaller aspects of nature that one can impact and will eventually lead us all to step closer to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Photographer-artist Gerardo Korn

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