After eight … life and love

A Millions Steps For Love … virtual exhibition to mark eight years of Cosmic Heart Gallery

To commemorate Cosmic Heart Gallery completing eight years, it has launched a special audio-visual virtual exhibition that translates the messages of life and love captured in the documentary ‘A Million Steps for Love’ by Sandra Korse. It is a celebration of the power of love, togetherness, empowerment, freedom and sisterhood.

The documentary captures the journey taken by Esmeralda and 13 other women to Jerusalem. Following her own path, leaving behind that which held her back, Esmeralda declared herself a pilgrim, an amazon and started walking to spread the message of love in the world. Her mission was always clear, every step taken in the name of love would wield power that sets her and those who witness it free. She met two Austrian men who spoke to her about ‘The Jerusalem Way – The Way of Love’ and something instantly clicked. It felt as if her soul had spoken, she followed her instincts and started her journey in 2014 to walk from Finisterre to Jerusalem. A distance of 5000 km was ahead of her and she was ready with her tent, hammock and hiking boots. Over the past seven years of her journey, she witnessed a sense of calm as the truth about love revealed itself. She felt a calling to share this experience with others and 13 Dutch women answered her call to join her in the last stretch of the pilgrimage, from Jericho to Jerusalem. Walking the last 75 km to Jerusalem, the women experienced the magic of love. They found themselves connecting with absolute strangers, celebrating womanhood, cherishing sisterhood and tapping into their innate ability to love.

When Cosmic Heart Gallery creative head and founder Jalpa Vithalani reconnected with Sandra and heard about the documentary, she knew it was special and a work of art. “We share a common passion for love, life, the work we are involved in, women empowerment and sisterhood. Mutual respect and creativity binds us and has created a deep bond,” says Sandra Korse.

A Millions Steps For Love … virtual exhibition to mark eight years of Cosmic Heart Gallery

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