Cars and character

Cars In The Night - Buenos Aires
Cars In The Night – Buenos Aires … a virtual exhibition

Those who like cars will be happy to note that Cosmic Heart Gallery and Consulate General & Promotion Centre of the Argentine Republic in Mumbai are presenting Cars In the Night – Buenos Aires, a collection by Argentine German photographer Gerardo Korn.
You can experience a one-of-a-kind virtual exhibition that will transport you to the archaeological neighbourhoods of the city and highlight vehicular marvels from the 60s and 70s.
Says curator Jalpa H Vithalani: “Gerardo has captured this collection with his lens making the car and facade appear as if they were on a stage, ready to present themselves to an imaginary audience. As we engage the audience today with virtual exhibitions given the world scenario, this also makes us reflect that even though streets are deserted and life may seem amiss, it is a good time for inner reflection and a mysterious, spiritual journey with ourselves. The parked cars are symbolic of having been forced to park ourselves in a some sort of timeless limbo. A vehicle is symbolic of movement, but here it represents stillness and harmony. It is important we hold both these frequencies at this time.”
“Like Ansal Adams said, ‘You don’t take a photograph, you make it’. And that is exactly what the Argentine German photographer Gerardo Korn has proved each time when working on Behind The Scenes – Buenos Aires or Cars in the Night – Buenos Aires, where he successfully brings life to everything he captures with his lens. At a time where the world has come to a halt and it seems that there is no way left to pursue our passion for art, the Consulate General of Argentina in Mumbai in collaboration with Cosmic Heart Gallery bring the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent photography of Gerardo Korn, who shows us the underworld of old cars that the watchful eye may still find in Buenos Aires. Indeed a visual treat for the lovers of art,” says Guillermo E Devoto, Consul General and Director of the Trade Centre of Argentina, Mumbai.

Gerardo Korn
Photographer Gerardo Korn in Buenos Aires

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