Always abuzz is Amethhyyst!

Sushant G Jabare with Shakir Shaikh, Richa Singh and the nine models at the Runway Thursday night at Amethhyyst

Always abuzz is Amethhyyst, the nightclub in Andheri. And buzzing bountifully is the Runway Thursday night.

Walking across the slick space and into your heart were the nine models: Janvi Deori, Pari Mirza, Tashveen Sehgal, Snehapriya Roy, Srrishti Vyakarnam, Akshita Agnihotri, Reena Barrot, Aishwarya Shetty and Aiyshaany. They showed off some classy hip-hop and club wear by designer Richa Singh in the show that was curated and directed by the fashionable Shakir Shaikh. Hair and makeup was by Jean-Claude Biguine.

Yes, Amethhyyst owner Sushant G Jabare, perhaps the youngest club owner in the land, was there, meeting and greeting the fashion fraternity and other glamorous guests present on this terrific Runway Thursday night.

Pepping up the adrenaline-pumping night was DJ Zaff from Singapore. And everyone enthusiastically enjoyed this Runway Thursday at the slick-and-chic Amethhyyst.

Janvi Deori and other models at the Runway Thursday night at Amethhyyst

The slick-and-chic interiors of Amethhyyst nightclub in Andheri
DJ Zaff from Singapore peps it up at Amethhyyst

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