Niche Radio – Music, Fashion and Lifestyle

Niche Radio is a 24×7 internet radio station about Music, Fashion and Lifestyle.

2020 has been a strange year. Who would have imagined this year to be so unyielding? Thousands of people have lost their jobs, many businesses gone bust, artists from all over scrambling for work opportunity and entertainment industry has remained in complete shutdown for the major part of this year. The lockdown prohibited gathering of crowd and enforced social distancing setting a new normal way of life.

These changes in our lifestyle was the recipe for the birth of Niche Radio. Niche Entertainments, the parent of Niche Radio, has been in the entertainment and events industry for over a decade and has conceptualised and executed successful multiple music and fashion events across the globe.

Nisha Haraale, the director of Niche Entertainments who herself is a music artist, mentioned: “In the month of May, as the lockdown continued and the near term future didn’t seem very promising for ground events, it was obvious that we needed to go online to keep our sanity and stay in business. I am grateful to my best friend Mugdha Godse without whom I would have never gotten started with the radio and who helped us position and make the transformation to align our ideas with the market dynamics and ensured the birth of Niche Radio as it stands today and represents Niche Entertainments way of Music. Fashion and Lifestyle.

I am ‘thankful’ to all the record labels, artists, team members, friends and family for having faith in this new venture and for supporting us unconditionally over the past couple of months. On Niche Radio you can catch new and unreleased music from  Soupherb Records, Odd Recordings, Zoo Music, Dacru Records, Digital Om, Submerge Music, Mintech Recordings and others. One can also listen to their favourite Independent artists like Juno Reactor, a well known music composer for the movie The Matrix, Shibani Kashyap, Ishq Bector, Raghav Sachar, Meet Bros, Sherrin Varghese, Manasi Scott and others. Besides enjoying different genres of music, the radio showcases varied segments with shows focusing on personal grooming where doctors from Metamorphosis Clinics share their inputs on healthy living, skin care and personal grooming to Spirituality by Ranjan Sundaram, Wellness Wonderland by Happy Soul (founder Pooja Bedi), Colour Therapy by Cosmic Heart Gallery (founder Jalpa Vithalani), Crystal Healing by Serenity Crystals (founder Terry Manchanda), Diet by Sports Nutritionist Pooja Nagrani, Yoga and Fitness by Priyanka Shah, Parenting by Surabhi Rao , Recycle and Sustainable Fashion by Magen Fernandes, How to stay victorious and positive by Victory Coach Farzana Suri, Dr Mickey Mehta’s Mind Is Medicine (Global Leading Holistic Health Guru), Food Story by Sushmita and how to maintain your car from Mercedes Benz (Shaman Wheels) and car expert Allan Almeida. The Perfect Look segment has the best from the fashion industry where one can get insights on everything from hair, makeup, styling and designing. One can also participate in contests such as Ecoshion Icon, Food Recipe Contest, New Sound Contest and Rap Battle Contest. Soon Niche Radio will be launching new segments that focuses on youth, brands, products, services, poetry, story narration, comedy and travel.

Niche Radio supports aspiring artists and have 35+ artists on the roaster who share their tribute and mix each day with our listeners. Last week, Niche Radio collaborated with Dance Ganesh (Foot Stompin Records and Freeaatmah) to curate a non-stop nine-day music festival on radio. Every Sunday one can catch Nisha Haraale herself on ‘Let’s Get Lost in The Rabbithole’ chatting with the best from the Music, Fashion and Lifestyle Industry.

To listen to Niche Radio and know more all you have to do is click on this link below.

This radio player is located on the Niche Radio page on website where you can enjoy the best from Music, Fashion and Lifestyle for 24×7 non-stop. Happy Listening!


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