Niche Radio: Music, Fashion, Lifestyle


Niche Radio is a 24×7 internet radio station about Music, Fashion and Lifestyle.

2020 has been a strange year. Who would have imagined this year to be so unyielding? Thousands of people have lost their jobs, many businesses gone bust, artists from all over scrambling for work opportunity and entertainment industry has remained in complete shutdown for the major part of this year. The lockdown prohibited gathering of crowd and enforced social distancing setting a new normal way of life.

These changes in our lifestyle was the recipe for the birth of Niche Radio. Niche Entertainments, the parent of Niche Radio, has been in the entertainment and events industry for over a decade and has conceptualised and executed successful multiple music and fashion events across the globe.

Nisha Haraale, the director of Niche Entertainments who herself is a music artist, mentioned: “In the month of May, as the lockdown continued…

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