Much respect at No Request

Ashmit Patel and Nisha Haraale with Blacklisted Boyz, Udta Parinda and Bamaaiz
Ashmit Patel and Nisha Haraale with the Blacklisted Boyz, Udta Parinda and The Bamaaiz at the No Request night at Mansion Bar & Lounge

Hot and happening was the No Request event at the slick and chic Mansion Bar & Lounge in Mulund. Some amazing Bollywood and commercial tunes filled the air at No Request, the brainchild of Nisha Haraale. As she says, “I conceptualised this property to stand up for DJs and artistes across the globe. Over the years, DJs have been treated more like a jukebox than a music artiste and not given the opportunity to perform creatively and freely. Through this platform I want to spread awareness and also introduce new talent. Vinay, our winner from the No Request DJ contest, got to play live at the event along with DJ Raj who was also our judge, DJ Matz and Bollywood star and DJ Ashmit Patel.”
The highlight of the night was a live performance of the launch of the No Request song by the Blacklisted Boyz, Bamaaiz and Udta Parinda that officially launches on September 12 on every music platform globally. This song has music by hip hop star Ishq Bector, while Nisha is the executive producer of the track and Honey Singh has mixed and mastered the final version. One will very soon witness the No Request music video directed by Karan Vig with hair and makeup by Nikki Harale. The song is already making waves and will be aired on September 14 with Nisha on local London radio channel Sabras with RJ Akshay Patel.
Many DJs, artistes and celebrities have been supporting the No Request cause and this is what Ashmit Patel, who also features in the video, says: “An initiative like No Request is much needed. A DJ is a performing artiste and must be given the respect to perform with freedom. Mansion Bar & Lounge has my total respect for standing up to this.”
Yes, everyone had a blast at the No Request night and looking happy indeed were Mansion Bar & Lounge partners Ajay Sachde and Sandeep Popat.

Meeta & Sandeep Popat, Ajay & Neha Sachde
Meeta and Sandeep Popat, Ajay and Neha Sachde

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