Elegant and exquisite, trendy and timeless

Krésha Bajaj
Kresha Bajaj at the opening of her store in Bandra

Guests gushed at the sheer grandeur of it all as they stepped into the stylish store of fabulous fashion designer Kresha Bajaj.
Delicate detailing, fantastic finishing, elegant embellishments, picture perfect clothes creations caught your eye at the two-level store located on Manuel Gonsalves Road in Bandra.
It was all very elegant and exquisite indeed, trendy and timeless. Girls were spoilt for choice, they seemed to want it all. Well, the designer’s impeccable eye for all things beautiful showed in the ensembles on display with the interiors of the store seeped in old-world charm and youthful exuberance.
It was a story of fresh fashion with pretty perfectionism.
The opening saw the presence of friends and family and friends who seemed like family. Champagne and luxury spirits did the rounds among the guests along with tasty bites from CinCin.
Truly, this was an affair to remember.

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