Here comes the bun!

Kunal Jethwani, Nitin Jethwani & Suraj Bahirwani
Kunal Jethwani, Nitin Jethwani and Suraj Bahirwani at PappaRoti at Kamala Mills

Foodies, rejoice! PappaRoti, the international coffee chain known for its delicious buns and beverages, has come to town. Today, it throws open its door to its flagship café in Mumbai, located at Kamala Mills.
Originally launched in Malaysia in 2003, the brand has a presence all over the world, with 407 outlets and kiosks across Malaysia, Dubai, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Bangladesh.
PappaRoti, father of all buns, serves its signature freshly-baked buns that have a crisp, thin crust topped with a mild coffee-caramel coating and a butter-filled centre. The signature buns are made with a special recipe that contains flour and omega-3 enriched eggs. The magic begins from the moment you take a first bite of the crispy outer layer of the bun which is derived from a creamy concoction.
PappaRoti partners here include the ever-pleasant Kunal Jethwani, Nitin Jethwani and Suraj Bahirwani.
Check out this homely place with a warm and welcoming feel while you get your teeth into the famous bun!


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