Goodness and gastronomy

Kersi Marker, Shikha Lal & Arzan Khambatta
Kersi Marker, Shikha Verma Lal and Arzan Khambatta at the Chinese New Year celebration at PaPaYa at BKC

Chinese New Year, the Year of the Yellow Dog, came alive as Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) joined hands with popular pan-Asian restaurant PaPaYa to showcase a specially curated Chinese New Year menu. It was a celebration of Macao being designated as UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.
At PaPaYa at BKC you learnt that Macanese cuisine is an interesting fusion of eastern and western influence and that gastronomy has been a distinctive element of Macao’s culture. Based on Portuguese cuisine, the spices and ingredients from Portugal and its various colonies in Africa, Southeast Asia and India – including curry, coconut milk, cloves and cinnamon – are combined using Chinese culinary skills in a wonderful pot pourri of tastes and aromas, giving birth to the uniquely flavourful Macanese cuisine of today.
Arzan Khambatta, Head of MGTO in India, was present, holding forth on the magic of Macao along with Shikha Verma Lal, Regional Manager, MGTO and Kersi Marker, Regional Manager, Massive Restaurants. And everyone enjoyed the cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and delightful dinner.


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