Three cheers!

FBAI Drinks bar crawlers at Kamala Mills

Morning fresh! That’s what we were the morning after the night before. It was the FBAI Drinks bar crawl at Kamala Mills that included three locations and three (actually, more than that) alcoholic beverages plus one detox drink.
It was raining relentlessly but this did not stop us from reaching Verbena, our first stop for the night. Here, we enjoyed cocktails with Aperol. There was the classic Aperol Spritz, Twisted Whiskey Sour and Aperol Coconut Shot with Jalapeno, complemented by veg and non-veg platters and nachos.
Sameer Malkani from the FBAI welcomed all, while Sweta Mohanty from Aspri Spirits gave us a lowdown on Aspri and Aperol and Mitali Tandon of Morning Fresh spoke on India’s leading after-drinking detox beverage.
The second stop was Theory where we relished the cocktails with Skyy vodka. It was time to sip and savour Zesty Colada (a signature drink at Theory), Green Tea Margarita and Espresso Martini. And time to have a bite of mushroom, chicken and sundried tomato poppers.
The third stop was 1Above, the rooftop venue with live music wafting in the air. Patron XO Café shots were the order of the night, with the bottle making its arrival amidst smoky dry ice and sparkle candles.
And just before we went to bed we had a shot of Morning Fresh and awoke to a fresh start, all set for yet another bar crawl!


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