Travel buddies

ETAA domestic convention 2017 at Leonia Holistic Destination, Hyderabad

The serious business of networking and making new friends along with a celebration of merriment – this was the case as travel agents from all across India converged to Leonia Holistic Destination, Hyderabad for the second domestic convention of the Enterprising Travel Agent’s Association (ETAA), presented by Telangana Tourism and co-hosted by Leonia, VFS Global and Fiji Travel.
During the day it was time to meet and greet and exchange notes and after sundown it was time to live it up at the cocktail-dinner evenings.
Guests also availed of the facilities of Leonia that comprises four hotels and villa resorts, an international convention and sporting facility, over 50 indoor and outdoor banqueting venues, an award-winning wellness spa, over 50 outdoor soft adventure experiences, 10 restaurants, bars and nightclubs, three international standard theatres, a world class 1.2 km karting track called Chicane Circuit, the first karting track in India to be approved by Commission International De Karting (CIK).
And at the end of it all everyone looked forward to ETAA’s third domestic convention.


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