Victorian in Versova!

Riyaaz and Kiran Amlani at the launch of Versova Social

And now there’s one more Social. This one is at Versova and, yes, it’s called Versova Social. The preview party sundowner saw guests rambling across the sprawling three-storey outlet, complete with a garden terrace to kickback and gaze out into the sky and ponder life.
It has a bohemian look and is designed to look like a Victorian greenhouse. The split levels as well as the courtyards at multiple levels create nooks and crannies, designed for different moods and varied experiences. The first floor has a large, airy indoor space with a bar and a cosy private courtyard garden space. The second floor has an indoor space which doubles up as the workspace area and a large courtyard along with an open bar.
Versova Social is now the eighth outpost of the brand in Mumbai, and the 16th pan-India. All the Social favourites are on offer along with some new delights. Also introduced is the Social House Wine. Cocktails include Mick Jaggery (Captain Morgan + jaggery syrup + lemongrass + soda), Blueberry Julep (Jim Beam + blueberry + fresh mint), Thai Maalish (gin + kaffir lime + basil + galangal + lemongrass + coconut water) and Chatkara (Smirnoff + homemade pani puri eater + imli chutney).
And looking pleased as punch on preview evening/night was Riyaaz Amlani, CEO and MD, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (parent company of Social).


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