Do not disturb

Basho Resort, overlooking Mulshi lake, near Pune

Okay, the Christmas holidays are over and you are back from your vacation. All of you who did not take that year-end break (or even those who did) we suggest you make that trip to Basho Resort overlooking Mulshi lake, near Pune.
Went there recently and must say it is a haven from the hectic pace of the city and the ideal spot to unwind in the lap of lush foliage, floral landscape and the sweet sound of birds as you check into a cottage or tent that has all the amenities and services of a five-star hotel.
The thatched roof, bamboo ceiling, wooden steps, pebbled pathways and flora around the privacy of the cottage give you that return-to-nature feel. The cottages are roomy enough to accommodate families, not just couples. There is a rustic charm in the décor of the spacious cottage coupled with a seating area that exudes an ethnicity in the cushy mattress and cushions that offer a splendid view of the tranquil Mulshi lake.
The sit-out area of each cottage promises to make your tea-time thoroughly refreshing. Fantastic food in the restaurant satiates you and you can take a dip in the pool or just chill out on a lounge chair with your favourite book.
Please note, there are no bells on the door and there is no telephone in the cottage. If you want the attention of the smiling staff, just clap your hands outside your door and they will be there in no time. There is a TV in the room but we suggest you don’t switch it on and surf channels. Also, we recommend you switch off your mobile phone and its devices and apps. Yes, there’s nothing quite like a digital detox!


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