Neon night

Kangana Ranaut and Manish Arora at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2016 at Grand Hyatt

And then Kangana Ranaut walked down the ramp, looking stunning as she closed the spectacular show by Manish Arora at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour at Grand Hyatt.
Yes, this 12th edition of BPFT was a razzle-dazzle affair with a mélange of dream designs and bouncing beats. The in-your-face neon vibrancy of the creations with creative hairdos captured your attention as did the rhythm of the music by Midival Punditz featuring Raghu Dixit.
Manish Arora called his collection ‘Indian’ and you saw the colour and spirit of the contemporary Indian woman that showed you that ‘life is beautiful.’
Top Indian models were on the ramp in this brisk show that had your adrenaline pumping with the burst of colours and the mesmerising music.
Yes, ‘Taste life in style’ was what it was all about.

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