Sweet sixty!

The Lambas at the 60th anniversary celebration of Gaylord 

Iconic restaurant Gaylord turned 60! Yes, in this age of quick change and pop-ups and closures it’s nice to note that a dining destination has completed 60 years of its existence.
Born in Bombay and now rooted in Mumbai, Gaylord holds a special place to all those old-timers and office-goers in Churchgate area that frequented the place. For, the place is noted for its good food, courteous staff and feel-good factor. North Indian and Continental cuisine and the bakeshop has been its mainstay.
And it was celebration time as the Lambas – Sunil and Tima, Mandira and Dhruv, Raghvi and Divij – along with A N Malhotra, the restaurant’s CEO and Noel D’Souza who has been the restaurant’s general manager for the past 30 years welcomed the merry mix of guests.
Live music blended with the cocktail chatter as guests caught up with one another and had a bite of the fabulous food fare.

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