Live and kicking!

Ananya Birla at the launch of her music single ‘Livin’ the life’ at Taj Lands End

One song and a ton of emotions – that’s what it was as 22-year-old leading innovator Ananya Birla launched her debut international music single ‘Livin’ the life’ at Taj Lands End.
An illusionist and street dancers set the mood at the breezy lawn and then the young rock star blasted her way into your heart with her sensational stage set, belting out her infectious, up-tempo pop/dance single, produced and co-written by world-acclaimed music producer Jim Beanz, recorded at Sunset Sound Studio, Pennsylvania, on the Universal Music label.
Spread the love one beat at the time was the message. Yes, the young lady was following her dream with the song, all about finding who you are as she believes that only by doing this would you find happiness. The song demonstrates Ananya’s drive, creativity and passion to help others overcome challenges. Her hope is that its heartfelt lyrics, melody and dance-inducing rhythm will inspire the same spirit of self-realization among listeners.
The music video of the song, shot on the beautiful Santa Catalina island in California, showcases a visual representation of the song’s impactful theme. The video is directed by the famed Rock Jacobs.
And the music continued at the after-party with Afrojack packing that punch.


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