Wild and wonderful

Gautam Ghanasingh, Amy Billimoria and Bina Aziz at the ‘Call of the Wild’ event

What happens when an awesome threesome join hands? The result is a wild and wonderful outcome. Yes, on World Animal Day, friends and animal lovers, acclaimed artist Bina Aziz, famed fashion designer Amy Billimoria and Gautam Ghanasingh, CEO of the sparkling Ghanasingh Be True come together at Amy Billimoria House of Design in Juhu to present ‘Call of the Wild’ to help create awareness against animal cruelty and extinction and to highlight the importance of animal rights and welfare.
Wild life was the inspiration of the terrific trio who tried to make a difference by presenting fashion, art and jewellery with unique sensibilities, patterns and designs engulfed with modernism, for this noble cause – part proceeds go The Probably Paradise Trust by Roxanne Davar.
Bina Aziz painted canvas works inspired by wildlife using mediums like oils and acrylic paints. Playing muse, Bina’s artworks helped Amy Billimoria create a chic collection of contemporary separates that brought alive the fact that animal inspired clothing can be worn without causing harm to them. And Gautam Ghanasingh curated animal inspired jewellery, designed by Bina Aziz along with Ghanasingh Be True’s fine craftsmanship skills.


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