Splash flash!

Raza Beig & Emraan Hashmi
Raza Beig and Emraan Hashmi at the Splash party at Aer

The music was pumping and the party people were jumping. Well, they sure were having the time of the life at Aer, high up Four Seasons Hotel. It was a party to celebrate the Autumn Winter 2016 collection from international brand Splash. Yes, Raza Beig, CEO, Splash and Iconic was there to ensure everyone had a blast.
Guests helped themselves to luxury spirits at the bar and they rambled across Aer, soaking in the Splash styles that boasts of contemporary collections categorized as Youth, DNM, Smart, Basics for both men and women and an added Vintage range for women.
Character range, the newest entrant in the Splash wardrobe, has been expanded this season after its launch success. The range covers Superhero (Marvel), Barbie, Minion, Mickey and Minnie and many more iconic character merchandize.
Youth targets the new generation, the future gamers. The mood of the collection is rebellious, grungy for men and very futuristic for women. DNM features a complete denim wardrobe for men and women. Splash has discovered exceptional use of this noble fabric. The collection includes the hottest picks and new variants.
The Smart collection is inspired by Gatsby, redefining style aesthetic and sensibility of a modern man and woman. And the sophisticated yet modern touch to this season’s Vintage collection is an extension of the bohemian story in floral and indigo moods.


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