To top it all!

Master bathrom and wardrobe
Master bathroom and wardrobe at Omkar 1973

Recently, we rode the elevator to the 50th floor of Omkar 1973, Worli, and soaked in the stunning view of Mumbai on a rain-washed evening. We sighted so many famous landmarks of the city along with its road and rail lifelines and, yes, the sea-link.
Omkar Realtors & Builders had invited us to get a glimpse of sheer luxury in what is the tallest residential complex in Mumbai. We rambled across the sample apartment, or should we say mansion, and were enveloped by the sheer luxury of it all, having a good look of the materials and textures like textured silk, leather, wood, silk blended woollen curtains, handcrafted ceiling chandeliers, lighting fixtures, etc.
There was the luxury living space, dining room, study, master bedroom, master bathroom and wardrobe, pool deck and more. And we learnt that Omkar 1973 is named after the latitude and longitude coordinates of Worli as we wondered whether we should settle for Glenlivet or good old Black Label.

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