Birthday girl on the catwalk!

Pernia Qureshi, Sonam Kapoor & models
Pernia Qureshi, Sonam Kapoor and models at the Amrapali show at Four Seasons Hotel  

What do you do on your birthday? You work. Well, that’s what accomplished actor Sonam Kapoor did. She was the shining showstopper for her friend Pernia Qureshi’s fashion show at Four Seasons Hotel.
It was the unveiling of the designer’s festive collection called Amrapali inspired by the film ‘Amrapali’ with Vyjayanthimala as the royal courtesan in the majestic splendour of the ancient empire of Magadha. Her graceful demeanour as a dancer lends the soft fluidity in the collection’s silhouettes with a neutral earth-tone palette reflecting the backdrop of the kingdom.
Pretty in pink and peach was what you witnessed as the many models made their presence felt on the catwalk. And then there was birthday girl Sonam Kapoor who, later, cut a small birthday cake as she turned 31.
Earlier, guests soaked in the sight of a sleek BMW at the entrance to the venue, said cheers at the cocktail hour and then feasted their eyes on the models who looked lovely thanks to Dior and Jean-Claude Biguine.


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