Come into my cabana!

Shane & falguni Peacock, Nachiket Barve, Narendra Kumar, Nitya Arora and Sanam Sippy
Shane and Falguni Peacock, Nachiket Barve, Narendra Kumar, Nitya Arora and Sanam Sippy at Couture Cabanas at Asilo

Party people were happily hopping from one cabana to the other. Yes, it was Couture Cabanas once again at Asilo, high up St. Regis. Four famed designers lent Asilo’s chic cabanas their signature touches, inspired by refreshing cocktails from Grey Goose.
Drawing inspiration from Velvet Rope that comprises elderflower and grapefruit, Narendra Kumar’s cabana was inspired by the blush colour of the grapefruit and the golden tinge of the cocktail. The colour story was a mix of shades of pinks and off-whites with accents of dull gold. Velvet drapes adorned the ceiling and walls, highlighted by gold fairy lights scattered in lanterns and glass jars in a serene Japanese feel.
With an eye on the future, designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock’s cabana was inspired by Cape Town and its white sands. Inspired by the cocktail Le Fizz, the cabana depicted a destination feel. The hybrid space had the best view with white drapes and crystals enhanced with white flowers to its luxurious design. The cocktail captured Cape Town’s newfound energy, outlook and style.
Nachiket Barve’s cabana was inspired from Passionate Affair. True to the cocktail, its design was inspired by the allure of summer and summer romance, the tenderness and freshness of love stories and the beauty of love letters. There was an interactive experience with guests encouraged to express and commemorate their own love stories.
Nitya Arora’s cabana was a representation of the plastic world possessing us, its superficiality and trying to emphasize on what’s real and actually important. It was a tug-of-war between true and fake beauty. Retro and disco vibes reflected the artificial colour/ flavour of Amour Rouge and, cutting through it, a slice of fresh green ginger emerged as the dominating flavour.


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