Mod'art show
Mod’art fashion show at Sea Princess

The show must go on! And it did. The spoilsport cops who shut the music a little after 9 p.m. at the Lagoon open-air venue at Sea Princess seemed flummoxed at the spirit of the students and staff that soared as the show proceeded, after a short gap, in the silence of the night.
It was the Mod’art fashion show for its graduating students. Kudos to the models who did not miss a step minus the beat of the music and kudos to host Sagarika Chettri who, along with other students and guests in the packed place, egged the audience to clap their hands and cheer the models and young student designers on the ramp.
The evening began with a showcase of styles of the first-year students, followed by that of the second-year students. Then it was the turn of the graduating batch of 27 third-year students.
All in all, it turned out to be a resounding success.


2 thoughts on “Show-whopper!

  1. Excellent approach from
    Managment…realy. .
    All said n done..
    The show went on as per schedule….
    In real sense it was
    OF MUSIC….
    But on claps of audience..
    Kudos..Nishant &managment
    Head Rashi…
    Keep it up.


  2. This was the second time I have attended the Modart show and it was truly spectacular. On par with the top fashion shows around and I have been to some in New York as well.

    The music was amazing, blended perfectly with themes and really got you tapping your fingers.

    Yes, there was a glitch. But some of the best moments came out of it and really made the people shine. The models kept their spirit and put more energy into it. The host really brought the audience together instead of fretting. She smiled on and kept it fun. It was a surreal atmoshphere with claps and enthusiastic shouts from the students cheering on their classmates.

    These kids are supremely talented and it was one of the best live events I have seen in general.

    I’ll end by saying that some people rise above the rest in tough situations and some complain. This was a people that inspired me!

    Kudos to the team behind the Modart show ! See you next year


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