Zero waste, max taste

Bhumika Chheda & Jyoti Mukerji
Bhumika Chheda and Jyoti Mukerji at the launch of Bhumika & Jyoti

Here’s some happy news! India’s first zero waste fashion store is here! Yes, please welcome Bhumika & Jyoti, brought to you by fashion designers Bhumika Chheda and Jyoti Mukerji. They have set up store in Juhu and are busy rewriting the script and inspiring a new fashion story.
Sustainable fashion philosophy is much more a conviction and a commitment rather than just a fashion trend. The designer duo believe in recycling zero waste designs by using every last scrap and yet conjure up some inspiring and innovative designs that would refuse to sacrifice super-cool style for sustainability. So, besides clothes, what you have here are jewellery, hair bands, umbrellas and chic accessories.
Are you aware that approximately 20 percent of fabric is wasted in the manufacture of a typical design? Think about it: when a pattern is cut out, the leftover scraps are usually considered useless because they are too small to sew into anything else. At Bhumika & Jyoti every remnant fabric will become a luxurious embellishment that will add value to the designed outfit or luxe accessories.
Check it out!


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