In the mood for good food

Zorawar & Dildeep Kalra
Zorawar and Dildeep Kalra at the opening of Farzi Cafe 

Foodies rejoiced at the opening of Farzi Café at Kamala Mills compound, Lower Parel. Cool cocktails and fantastic food did the rounds with the cocktail chatter blending with the musical jugalbandi by Hamza and the DJ as happy hosts Dildeep and Zorawar Kalra warmly welcomed the merry mix of guests.
Farzi Café was born out of a sheer passion for Indian food while aiming to showcase its robustness, thereby bringing it back ‘in-vogue.’ Conceptualized for the modern-day diner, it is a place of many moods and energies that are in a constant whirlwind with one another.
An amalgamation of futuristic Indian food with traditional Indian flavours along with global cuisine, Farzi Café re-defines Indian cuisine where culinary art meets the alchemy of modern presentation and cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy.
The interior is unique and takes inspiration from Rajasthani jali work while combining it with 3D spatial mapping, seamlessly imbibing modern day technology with ancient day architecture, in line with the culinary concept of the place. It will see a play of pattern, texture and form, offering guests a view of lush greenery through the day, while at night it transforms into a high energy space with projection lighting and a dynamic ambience.
One of the main USPs of the design is its ability to reconfigure the table layout, allowing it to change as per requirement.


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