Soaked in style

Chaiti Narula
Chaiti Narula and friends at the Stylecracker VIP arena at the racecourse

Stunning style and equestrian excellence was what it was at the VIP hospitality arena at the Zavaray Poonawalla evening races to witness the Stylecracker Triple Stakes at the Royal Western Indian Turf Club at the racecourse.
This evening soiree, hosted by Chaiti Narula for Dhimaan Shah, Archana Walwankar and Tia Paranjpe, was abuzz with guests enjoying delightful drinks, bites and cigars. Aspri Spirits offered guests Skyy vodka cocktails and Nederburg wines. There was also Kingfisher Ultra beer, Rio sparkling wines and Turning Point sangrias. Herbal tea infusions and cognac infused cigars added to the flavours.
It was classy chic all the way with artistic decor partners like Gautam Patole art series, Nandini Mehta’s art walk and some quirky Lumbernotes signage.

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