Trendy times with wonderful women

Gul Panag, Sapna Bhavnani & Shruti Seth
Gul Panag, Sapna Bhavnani and Shruti Seth at Zoya

Three versatile and talented women – Gul Panag, Shruti Seth and Sapna Bhavnani – came together at Zoya to discuss trends in life, beauty and style. It was the ‘Women-on the Go’ discussion moderated by Gitika Taraporewala and included a preview of Zoya Masterpieces and a demonstration of Dafni, the revolutionary home solution for hair straightening, brought to India by Gul Panag and Tressmart.
Sapna Bhavnani said: “The biggest trend today is that there are no set trends. It has been the motto of my studio to not promote trends, to encourage clients to be who they are, and wear cuts that suit them best.”
Shruti Seth said: “I’ve always believed in ‘Why look good when you can look great’ and that looking good is a big confidence booster.”
Gul Panag said: “Dafni is a revolutionary hair straightening brush. Simply brush your hair and it will be straight and smooth in minutes. No fuss, no clips – just brush it. With Dafni you are able to straighten your hair in just several minutes. Ready, straight, go!”
Sangeeta Dewan, principal designer for Zoya, said: “In its quest for excellence, Zoya takes you on a voyage around the world to seek inspiration. Along the way, it finds its muse in the mythology of Greece, the graceful moves of Spanish flamenco dancers, and returning to Benaras, it is enchanted by the ornate temple spires. These inspirations are then transformed into exquisite pieces of jewellery made from the finest diamonds and precious stones, set in the purest of gold, and presented in our collection – Zoya Masterpieces.”


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