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Tina Tahiliani Parikh & Madhu Jain
Tina Tahiliani Parikh and Madhu Jain at the ikat showcase at Ensemble

The heat is on and it’s time to embrace the breathable handlooms our country is famed for – like ikat.
Craft revivalist and textile conservationist Madhu Jain, whose formidable reputation has been built on promoting indigenous forms of textile weaving and design, unveiled her vibrant new collection with an ikat retrospective showcasing her work ideology spread over the last 30 years.
She was there at Ensemble to showcase her brand-new Uzbek-inspired ikat alongside a retrospective of her signature Andhra Pradesh and Odisha ikat into which she has infused the Buddhist Mandala design inputs from the rich textile traditions of Thailand.
Madhu’s forte lies in developing textiles in distinctive combinations of two different weaving traditions to create new textiles, high on quality and design. She now takes the craft to a new level by introducing the motifs and weaves of ikat from Uzbekistan into her design repertoire.


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