Show and glow

Indira Bodani Laila Motwane Tanya Deol
Indira Bodani, Laila Motwane and Tanya Deol at The Gateway School of Mumbai’s Spring-Summer Showcase 2016

Artworks and home decor items were picked up briskly as The Gateway School of Mumbai, founded my Indira Bodani presented its Spring-Summer Showcase 2016 at Updasthra House in Kala Ghoda.
The school is dedicated to helping students with learning disabilities to develop skills, knowledge, understanding and attitude necessary for them to lead fulfilling and productive lives – as successful individuals and active contributors in society.
What’s nice is that well-known artists Ajay De, Ramesh Gorjala, Vidita Singh, Michelle Poonawalla and Vijay Kadam and designers Krsna Mehta, Laila Motwane, Seema Khan, Tania Deol, Shirali Tyabji and Renu Chainini had visited the school regularly to create the artworks with the children.
Seen on opening evening were Sonam Kapoor, Tara Sharma, Sunny Deol, Tanya and Bobby Deol, Surily Goel, Dolly Sidhwani, Pernia Quereshi, Penny and Sanjeev Patel, Manvinder Dawer, Anu Dewan, Deanne Pandey, Michelle Poonawalla, Laila Motwane, Prerna Malhotra, Elina Meswani, Rina Wadhwa and Maheep Kapoor among many others.
And it was time for tasty hors d’oeuvres and summer coolers in the art space across two floors.

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