Cool by the pool

Dhruv Kapoor show
Dhruv Kapoor’s show at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016 at St. Regis 

Showing his Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016 collection around the poolside of St. Regis, Dhruv Kapoor created a relaxed fun-filled atmosphere of ‘Discreet Luxury’ for his creations.
The bespoke array of well compiled costumes consisted of easygoing apparels in a mix of lengths and varying surface detailing that portrayed texture and technical depth. Created in jersey, leather, satin, cotton, denim and a hint of sheer fabrics gave the collection more depth and design.
The exciting ensembles revealed various traits of growing feminism with ease and grace and also cast a wicked spell with the sensuous aura. A contemporary jersey maxi teamed with denim jacket with leather patched pockets and a patch of satin in lavender stood out as a distinct outfit along with an oversized tanned jacket thrown over a basic dress.


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