Off the wall

Divya Thakur
Divya Thakur at the ‘Wallspeak’ exhibition at Design Temple 

Design Temple, that edgy lifestyle destination at Colaba, was abuzz with guests walking into the mini verandah to express their signatures in paint on a large canvas. They then proceeded into the store to view the larger wall displays at the ‘Wallspeak’ exhibition curated by Divya Thakur, exploring walls as canvasses for commonplace creativity.
Through an experiential lens, ‘Wallspeak’ contemplates the recent history of wall art and what the future holds for this form of self-expression. Every attempt to personalize a surface – from painting caves to pinning Polaroids – is an attempt to make it one’s own. Bearing the stamp of individuality thus, walls speak of our day-to-day concerns, aspirations and self-identity.
‘Wallspeak’ marks the collaboration between Design Temple and Nilaya (fine wall coverings by Asian Paints). Highlights of the exhibition include a carefully curated mix of lithographs, oleographs of gods, goddesses and mythological figures by Raja Ravi Varma, wall calendars, studio portraits, authentic bromides and vintage Bollywood posters.


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