Easter feaster!

Nayantara Thacker & Tanaz Doshi
Nayantara Thacker and Tanaz Doshi at the Easter Party at Palladium

Colourful mothers and colourful children were all there at Palladium at the Easter party hosted by Gayatri Ruia, Nayantara Thacker, Tanaz Doshi and Payal Kilachand.
While the little ones were greeted with colourful balloons, mothers and their friends could not stop admiring the special décor aligned to enhance the festive mood in the mall. From activities ranging from workshops on making bunny and chicken balloons, puppet making, cake and cookie decoration, paper bag making, to making spoon bookmarks along with bunny and chicken cups, the cheer was on.
Spotted were Isha Koppikar, Tara Sharma, Madhoo Shah, Sapna Mehta, Sabina Singh, Penny Patel, Resham Hemdev, Ramona Narang, Priya Kapoor, Shauna Chauhan Saluja, Ashika Pohoomul, Meenal Vazirani, Shibani Agarwal, Rouble Nagi, Pooja Advani, Mayuri Garware, Akanksha Agarwal and Kaykasshan Patel among many more.
Easter Hunt, the treasure hunt spanning the length and breadth of the luxury destination, saw the mothers and children looking for clues and winning prizes. The entire atrium was filled with a heartwarming celebration, sweet giggles and interesting competitive cheer, keeping up with the Easter theme.


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