Bespoke beauty

Paul Jheeta & Amy Billimoria
Paul Jheeta and Amy Billimoria at Amy Billimoria House of Design

Amy Billimoria House of Design is proud to present world-renowned bespoke label Paul Jheeta from Savile Row, London exclusively in India.
The launch witnessed an afternoon of bespoke luxury hosted by Amy Billimoria to announce her collaboration with Paul Jheeta in the presence of the latter’s dear friend and muse, ace photographer Atul Kasbekar.
Since both the designers’ forte is bespoke fashion, the aim of this collaboration between Amy Billimoria and Paul Jheeta is to cater to the Indian market with the finest bespoke luxury for men and women under the same roof.
Says Amy Billimoria: “From the beginning I’ve specialized in bespoke women’s wear. When last year I met Paul, and we exchanged thoughts on our work style, I realised that we had a lot in common. We decided to take this step forward to offer the best of both from my design house. We want to create a whole new niche of meticulous and creative art in the form of bespoke fashion”.
Adds Paul Jheeta: “Our common passion, precise and immaculate creations that draw everyone’s attention is essentially what motivated us to work together. When I met Amy, we both instantly agreed on how creatively satisfying it is to see the clients in a bespoke creation as it is made to one’s specifications and the end result always makes them look and feel so good.”

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