Text and textures

Mana & Suneil Shetty, Sujata Bajaj & Tarana Khubchandani
Mana and Suneil Shetty, Sujata Bajaj and Tarana Khubchandani at the ‘Ganapati’ preview at Jehangir art gallery 

Four power-packed ladies came together to pay tribute to Paris-based Sujata Bajaj’s exhibition titled ‘Ganapati by Sujata Bajaj’ and the release of the coffee-table book ‘Ganapati’ by French writer and cineaste Jean-Claude Carrière. The book was launched on International Women’s Day by Shaina NC, Sarayu Doshi, Shobhaa De and Sangita Jindal.
Happy host Tarana Khubchandani, director, Gallery Art & Soul, welcomed guests like Mana and Suneil Shetty, Khushnuma and Arzan Khambatta, Krsna Mehta, Rahul Niraj Bajaj, M K Singh, Naaz and Remu Zaveri and Bina Aziz among many more.


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