Mystery and mastery of Scotch blending

Afzal Kaba
United Spirits brand ambassador Afzal Kaba at the ‘Art of Blending’ soiree in Mumbai

Mumbai witnessed the making of whisky connoisseurs as USL-Diageo demystified the elusive ‘Art of Blending’ for audiences eager to master the craft. Taking the participants through the complex journey of blending Scotch whiskies, Afzal Kaba, United Spirits brand ambassador, unravelled the rich legacy and science of the art that makes a ‘Scotch whisky savouring experience’ absolutely unforgettable.
This unique experience was designed to understand the history, mystery and mastery involved in making ‘fine blended Scotch whiskies’. Afzal took guests through the world of Scotch, transporting them to where it all started – Scotland, the land that perfected the art of making a ‘wee bit of dram’ over centuries.
It was a fun, interactive session where the enthusiasts indulged in trivia that revealed facts of blending and what makes a quintessential Scottish blend so coveted. The guests enjoyed the tasting and nosing experience of Vat 69, Black & White, Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, Johnnie Walker Red Label and Johnnie Walker Black Label.
The evening ended on a high note with the Mumbai chapter of USL-Diageo’s ‘Art of Blending’ turning the audience into whisky connoisseurs!


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