Route to relish

Cantonese Culinary Route
Cantonese Culinary Route at Pondichery Cafe, Sofitel Mumbai BKC

The Year of the Monkey is being celebrated at the Cantonese Culinary Route at Pondichery Café at Sofitel Mumbai BKC. You can take a trip to China with chef Allen Zhao from Pullman Shanghai Skyway who is in attendance here in Mumbai. Present on launch evening was Biswajit Chakraborty, GM, Sofitel Mumbai BKC.
Lightly cooked with minimal oil, fresh vegetables and meat, Cantonese cuisine is perceived as very healthy and low on calories. A variety of indigenous ingredients and sweet and sour sauces blend beautifully to accentuate the true essence of Cantonese delicacies.
Signature dishes at the food festival include Fried Cantonese Choy Sum, Kale with Garlic, Shrimps with Longjing Tea, Pan-Fried Codfish in Soya Sauce, Scalded Cantonese Water Spinach, Truffle Prawn, Stewed White Cabbage with Mushroom and Fish Maw Soup. The Cantonese Culinary Route is on at Pondichery Cafe till March 6.


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