Art opener

Punit Shah & Girish Shahane
Punit Shah and Girish Shahane at the launch of Akara Art

Art lovers rejoiced at the launch of Akara Art, the city’s newest art gallery, located at Churchill Chambers, Mereweather Road, behind the Taj in Colaba.
It was time for the preview of the inaugural show ‘Mysteries of the Organism’ that investigates human forms and the relationship between humans and their fellow creations. On view were drawings, paintings and sculptures that range from early modern works to contemporary canvases and include formal studies, incisive portraits, psyche exploration and fantasies of composite beings.
Gallery owner Puneet Shah and his charming wife Meghna were there to warmly welcome the many guests over the bubbly Chandon and vegetarian hors d’oeuvres. Nadia and Rajeeb Samdani, the Bangladesh industrialist and founder of Dhaka Art Summit, were here especially for the opening. Also present were Shibani Agarwal, Kiran Thapar, Sarayu Doshi, Brinda Miller, Reena and Jitish Kallat, Kaveer Shahani and exhibition curator Girish Shahane.


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