Delicate diffusion

Esha Gupta with Monica & Karishma of JADE
Esha Gupta with Monica & Karishma of Jade at Willingdon Sports Club

Walking across the long ramp on the lawn of Willingdon Sports Club and into your heart were the lovely ladies showcasing Monica & Karishma’s Jade’s first-ever diffusion line titled Amoha.
Yes, the bridal couture brand for every fashion-forward bride now dons a new identity with this diffusion line that is a confluence of creative designs infused with freshness and a bit of mystery in every weave. The pieces are wearable and comfortable, but look distinctly elegant at the same time. Opulent embellishments on imperial fabrics, customarily used on the bridal/ couture collection, have been aesthetically swapped with intricate patterns, delicate embellishments and classic prints which are adorned on featherweight fabrics and natural fibres.
Top models were shining on the catwalk and showstopper Esha Gupta was glowing in a midnight blue-and-silver hand-embroidered ensemble with Vikram Hazra on song along with his musicians.
What you witnessed at this fabulous fashion show was a celebration of tenderness, piousness, warmth, intimacy and the ardour in the surroundings of the sacred land. The picturesque landscapes, lush mountains, jewelled flowers and glistening rivers are swayed by the omniscient prints, glittering patterns and swirling embroidery to bring out a kaleidoscopic fervour.
Ethnic motifs, delicate geometric patterns and shimmering embellishments are adorned on imperial fabrics such as organza, silk linen and other natural fibres, giving it a beautiful touch of sartorial elegance. The spring/summer collection bustles with airy pastel hues such as powder pink, mauve, pearl azure and periwinkle which gives effervescence to the featherweight fabric, thus making these regal ensembles perfect for summer brides and bridesmaids.


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