Cuff chic

Nawaz Modi Singhania, Diana Hayden, Poonam Soni & Ila Arun
Nawaz Modi Singhania, Diana Hayden, Poonam Soni and Ila Arun at the Exotic Cuffs collection launch at the Poonam Soni flagship store 

Celebrated jewellery designer Poonam Soni heralded the arrival of Valentine’s Day by launching the Exotic Cuffs collection incorporating miniature canvases by Nawaz Modi Singhania. The two art connoisseurs hosted an exclusive preview at the Poonam Soni flagship store on Linking Road. Prior to the preview, the collection was inaugurated in the afternoon by close friends and celebrities over a special personalized cake adorned by jewels replicating the cuffs.
Seen enjoying the array of chocolates and lemon coolers over a display of some of the finest limited-edition cuffs were Diana Hayden, Ila Arun, Abha Singh, Falguni Peacock, Neeta Lulla, Pooja Bedi, Nethra Raghuraman and Ash Chandler among others.
Each cuff was accompanied by well-coordinated fine accessories. The jewelled display in the store rested against the most opulent interiors in ethereal white and silver antique cupboards. The store with its Celtic interiors was a perfect setting for each handmade cuff jewelled by large-shaved diamonds in vintage accents. Nawaz’s colourful paintings of leopards and horses were a vibrant contrast, setting off the mood for a splendid soiree.
Poonam Soni had introduced the concept of art in jewellery in 2005 when she presented the Gaudi collection and later exclusive Monochromes with Laxman Shrestha.

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