In the picture

Parhad Goghavala & Kamal Sidhu
Parhad Goghavala and Kamal Sindhu at the ‘Arresting Developments’ preview at Gallery 7

The sweet sound of the female violinist blended beautifully with the cocktail chatter as guests gathered at Gallery 7, one of Mumbai’s iconic galleries housing several legendary artworks as also works by upcoming artists.
Not one to miss out on the party radar, Gallery 7 owner Nicholai Sachdev has always been known for his lavish bashes held in honour of artists/photographers. This time it was time for ace photographer Parhad Goghavala’s exhibition titled ‘Arresting Developments’ centred around the windows of the city with the normal and ordinary windows seen in an amazing new light.
Yes, the wine was in full flow as were the hors d’oeuvres. Spotted viewing the photographs and having a good time were the likes of Sheetal Mallar, Kamal Sidhu, Vicky Ratnani and Vikram Raizada among many more.


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