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Suchitra Pillai, Jatin Kampani & Pallavi Symons
Suchitra Pillai, Jatin Kampani and Pallavi Symons at Art Out of the Gallery at Palladium

A work of art is as alive and interconnected with life, finding empathy in an audience and bringing synergy with its creator’s piece of soul, growing into yet another fulfilling experience in itself. Bringing in the season of new beginnings Art Out of the Gallery is a collection of masterpieces by a group of nine masters from Merchants of Cool.
Art and wine lovers were there as Palladium, Wines of India, All Things Nice and Merchants of Cool invited guests to the grand opening. Happy hosts Amit Sawant, Nikhil Agarwal, Jatin Kampani and Akshay Sehal were there to warmly welcome the merry mix of art and wine lovers.
Celebrating the culture of affordable art, these extraordinary photographs have been inspired from everyday life and the identified traditions of our country. Telling tales will be the reflection of mortality and immortalities witnessed in the holy city of ‘Benaras’ by Shahid Datawala, a ‘Bhutan Odyssey’ by G. Venkat Ram, a magnified relation between space and time with Abheet Gidwani, deep stories of nature’s ‘Flora’ by Jatin Kampani, painted hinges of a fantasy in reality by Shibu Arakkal, tranquillity under tension by Sumer Verma, tribute to culture and homage to traditional dance forms via ‘Nepathya’ by Shivani Gupta, depth of harmonious marvels and queries by Joy Dutta and Universe’s message by Rafique Sayed.
Capturing nature’s offerings through a curious lens, Jatin Kampani, founder, Merchants of Cool, expressed, “The idea was to break the monotony with our work. Once we were ready with our stories, we wanted a space for them to breathe and merge into the everyday experiences and an exhibit out of a gallery seemed like a perfect fit.”
The work of this talent from the wandering eyes is on display for public viewing at Palladium till January 28.


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