Myth and magic

Farah Oomerbhoy, Cecilia Morelli Parikh, Julie Leymarie & Roohi Jaikishan
Farah Oomerbhoy, Cecilia Morelli Parikh, Julie Leymarie and Roohi Jaikishan at Le Mill

The world of myth and magic mesmerized you at Le Mill as Roohi Jaikishan, along with Cecilia Morelli Parikh and Julie Leymarie, co-hosted a select soiree to formally launch Farah Oomerbhoy’s first fiction novel ‘The Last of the Firedrakes’ targeted at young adults.
Shweta Bachchan Nanda was there to read excerpts from the book. Also present were Farah’s husband Riyad Oomerbhoy, mother Zinia Lawyer and brother Rustom Lawyer, along with Chetan Jaikishan, Rahul Khanna, Rima Jain, Tara Sharma, Madhoo Shah, Sabina and A D Singh, Gayatri Rangachari Shah, Queenie Singh, Rishi Sethia, Simone Singh, Fahad Samar, Kaajal Anand, Divya Thakur, Shivani Aggarwal, Natasha Poonawalla, Anu Dewan, Maheep Kapoor, Ashiesh Shah, Laila and Ricky Lamba, Kamal Sidhu, Devaunshi Mehta, Laila Marker, Kalyani Chawla, Rhea Pillai, Nitasha Nanda, Pooja Advani, Prerna Goel, Dimple Nahar, Pratima Bhatia, Tanya Dubash, Priya Nathani … you get the drift.
You heard that ‘The Last of the Firedrakes’ is an adventure story that begins with young Aurora just awakening from a bad dream with a scream. At the time, she has no way of knowing the dream was actually a flashback to the moment when her birth mother was taken from her. She tries to shake it off and go about her day, but then circumstances arise where she finds herself kidnapped and pushed through a portal that transports her to a strange land Avalonia. Shortly after arriving in Avalonia, the teenager learns she is not just your average, ordinary kid, but a princess with magical powers. Turns out her parents had sent her to the mortal world for protection during an epic battle with the evil Queen Morgana that cost them their lives.
And you also heard that the book has been inspired by the tapestry that hangs in Farah’s grandmother’s home.

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