Racy and pacy

Delna Poonawalla, Rashmi Nigam, Parizad Kolah, Evelyn Sharma & Koel Rana
Delna Poonawalla, Rashmi Nigam, Parizad Kolah, Evelyn Sharma and Koel Rana at the racecourse

The floodlights were on, the fireworks lit up the night air, the horses were galloping round the bend and onto the finishing line, and the bold and the beautiful, the young and the restless were all there enjoying the vibe of the exciting evening racing.
It was the Zavaray Poonawalla Evening Racing Triple Million that kick-started this evening racing glory and to present this magnificent trophy were lovely ladies Evelyn Sharma, Perizad Kolah, Rashmi Nigam and Koel Rana, all dressed up in gorgeous gowns and fascinators by Delna Poonawalla. They made a grand entry in a vintage car as befitting the occasion.
Also seen donning fabulous fascinators were the chic Poonawalla ladies: Behroze, Delna, Simone and Michelle. Other guests included Roohi and Chetan Jaikishan, Farah Oomberhoy, Ramona Narang, Nisha Jamvwal, Penny and Sanjeev Patel, Gayatri Shah, Rishad and Priya Nathani, Rouble Nagi, Pria Kataria Puri, Shane and Falguni Peacock, Deepika Gehani, Kamal Sidhu, Akanksha Agarwal and many more.
Popup restaurants and bars saw to it that everyone had their fill of food and drink. Meanwhile, the all-boy band The Other People struck all the right notes. And in the special Poonwalla enclosure guests were living it up with champagne, beers, fine wines and the choicest spirits along with a selection of tasty hors d’oeuvres.

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