Truly rural

Shalini Piramal & Anita Dongre
Shalini Piramal and Anita Dongre at IMC

The current IMC Ladies’ Wing president Shalini Piramal has outdone herself yet again and promoted a noble cause among members of the chambers. The Jankidevi Bajaj Puraskar is an annual presentation of an award to a woman rural entrepreneur from a nationwide search for her selfless and enterprising contribution towards rural business entrepreneurship and uplifting the lifestyle of rural women across the country.
At the 23rd edition of this puraskar, Shalini Piramal and the Ladies’ Wing of the IMC invited chief guest Anita Dongre to present this prestigious award. The recipient was Kana Mondal whose moment of accomplishment goes back to 2012 when her brainchild Hasta Udyog was registered. Between 2013 and 2015-15, 100 of 300 women trained under her were successful in creating their own micro-enterprise of jute diversified products.
And it’s nice to note that Anita Dongre was the chosen one to present the award considering that she has established Grassroots which works in collaboration with NGOs and helps in providing employment and imparting embroidery skills among women in rural areas while they are home since women have several roles to play and have to balance it all out.

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