A new edge

Dhruv Kapoor
Dhruv Kapoor show at the Van Heusen + GQ Fashion Nights at Grand Hyatt

Giving the audiences a riveting experience, Dhruv Kapoor presented an avant-garde approach to classics that provided a new edge to everyday clothing at the Van Heusen + GQ Fashion Nights at Grand Hyatt. The collection has been positioned as ‘Specialized Ready to Wear’ and is an eclectic mix of science fiction and tradition. Projected through this collection was individuality with the designs targeted at the metrosexual man.
Puffed airforce bombers, micro-shorts mixed with traditional trousers, layered jackets and all-year trenches formed an integral part of the collection. Colour and prints were twisted together to showcase harmony between the old and new. Coated nylons, techno jersey and boiled wool paired with classic cottons, covered most of the fabrics used in the collection with keen attention to detail.
The collection also sported traces of the iconic wallpaper print from the youthful 70s toned down with a dark palette of navy and a pop of yellow.


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