Heritage hurrah

Bibi Russell & models
Bibi Russell and models at the Rajasthan Heritage Week  curtain-raiser at Olive   

Things are hotting up for the Rajasthan Heritage Week, coming up in Jaipur from December 3 to 5. This textile development project, initiated by fashion guru Prasad Bidapa in association with the Government of Rajasthan, would be an annual event involving designers from across India and abroad who would work on the textiles of Rajasthan along with the various textile art and craft forms.
You had a glimpse of trendy things to come at the week’s curtain-raiser at Olive Bar & Kitchen with designer Bibi Russell giving you a sneak peek into her rich and vibrant show.
Rajeeva Swarup, Principal Secretary, MSME, Government of Rajasthan, was there to share his thoughts on the event. Also present were designers Hemant Trevedi and Asif Shah.
The talk was that in the way the Irish made a global statement with their linen, India needs to brand its khadi and handloom masterpieces and position them as true luxury that is rare and unique. For too long khadi has been relegated to the shelves of uninspiring stores and had lost its importance as the fabric that won us our freedom. And everyone agreed that it is time to make our youth and the world understand that this is the fabric of the future.


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