Wow factor

Moni Agarwal at IBFW
Moni Agarwal at IBFW

Moni Agarwal’s sensational and well-crafted jewellery collection called ‘Zohrakshi’ wowed the audience at IBFW. Brilliant diamonds, exotic polkis, radiant rubies, sparkling emeralds and pristine pearls on a bed of glittering gold, inspired by nature’s beautiful flowers, was what it was all about.

Intricate floral inspirations were part of the neckwear that she created into scalloped creations and finely designed pieces. There were collars with rows of diamonds, while tiny white spheres and florets were part of chokers edged with pearls. Adding more drama to the jewellery were tantalizing earrings that balanced the ornaments. The interesting white garments that matched the jewellery were by Pramita Shetty.

And the stunning showstopper was Sushmita Sen showing off a shimmering choker with an emerald drop in the centre.


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