Retro active

Dev R Nil at IBFW
Dev R Nil at IBFW

Celebrating life and self-discovery, Dev and Nil presented their stylish men’s and women’s wear collection ‘The Journey’ at IBFW. Moving back in time, there was a marked retro feel to the line, with inspirations drawn from the 1960s revolution and the spirit of the hippy culture in garments that allowed the wearer to be comfortable in their skin.

Simple monochromes were the basis of the line with earthy and watery hues of blue and beige being the primary colours. Cool cotton and khadi dominated the relaxed summer line, as the designer duo played with layers and their favourite print-on-print story. Florals and foliage were major motifs along with the Bob Marley bohemian typography.

The women’s wear was stylish with enough prints to highlight the outfits. Gowns, lace covers over miniskirts, long maxis with sheer prints, mini with a swinging pleated hemline, off-white pants and top, and the one-shoulder kaftan all matched the look of the chic collection.


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