Dazzling dozen

Mona Shroff at IBFW
Mona Shroff at IBFW

When Mona Shroff designs jewellery it is just perfect for each occasion, as demonstrated by her resort beach jewellery offering at IBFW. Called ‘The Black Dove,’ what you saw was a stunning line of 12 looks crafted by hand in the Philippines.

Transparent and solid-coloured acrylic was turned into memorable ornaments with a distinct plastic effect. Also used was banana bark specially treated to hold against termites and fading. The beautiful varnished jewellery had a great glossy finish.

Imposing pendants in geometric shapes were clasped together with rows of beads or strands of leather. Wrist cuffs and stone bracelets matched the colours of the necklaces, while the blue rimmed oval pieces on multiple black strands were eye-catching. Clusters of maroon geometric shapes came together seamlessly around the neck, while groups of wooden spokes in brown made an arresting necklace.

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