Bride and joy

Anupamaa Dayal at IBFW
Anupamaa Dayal at IBFW

Anupamaa Dayal was the chosen one to open the second season of IBFW with her stunning ‘Swayamavar’ collection dedicated to the beautiful Indian bride. Spectacular sunsets, emerald fields and riots of unruly creepers were some of the influences behind the line.

It was an ultra-glam bridal collection celebrating the free-spirited woman who seeks timeless fashion. Colours inspired by the sky and the sea and a luxurious floral theme captured the soul of this collection. Made from feather-light silks and cottons, the delicate organic fabrics looked ideal for the beach bride, whether she chooses to attend events from dawn to dusk or party the night away.

Also showcased were some stunning accessories and striking makeup and hairstyles. Tasseled earrings, beaded slippers and ornaments for the feet along with brightly-coloured plaits and hair highlights were perfectly complemented by the models’ exquisite silver lips.

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